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BUSINESS PROFILE platform ever since . The partnership has indeed been quite natural , thanks to our selection of products and the expertise and the customer market which ManoMano has been able to offer us in return . ManoMano , which we all know as being experts in the DIY and outdoor living market , have understood our business aims and objectives since day one .”
Castro tells Intelligent CXO more about the companies and the partnership .
What is Aosom ’ s USP ?
We are an e-commerce retailer that sells a range of homeware , kitchen , garden and outdoor , pet , office and car products . Our business concept and USP is based around ensuring we deliver our core values which we have instilled since day one – excellent products , innovative designs and superb customer service – all at a price which is affordable and within reach for all .
How did you discover ManoMano ?
When researching marketplaces and partners to work with , we discovered ManoMano . We know it has a great relationship with its consumers and its seller strategy is about building mutually beneficial partnerships , which is something we really value , so it was a no brainer !
As a marketplace , what appealed to you about ManoMano ?
Unlike other marketplaces , ManoMano specialises in , and is dedicated to , home improvement , DIY and gardening , and we really liked this specialist
approach . We also recognised the technology and expertise that ManoMano could offer in terms of leveraging our visibility in the specialist market .
Are any of your products or curated collections exclusively sold through ManoMano ?
Currently we do not have any products or curated collections that are exclusively sold through ManoMano , but this is something we are looking to achieve in this year . ManoMano is the destination for home , DIY and garden , and we are working collaboratively to ensure we are offering our customers on trend products at great value alongside the help and advice that is also available on the site .
Since launching on ManoMano , what impact has this had on the growth of the business ?
We have seen impressive growth in the last year , from both the pandemic and through the customer base and visibility we get from working with ManoMano . Our DIY and garden sales have increased by 200 %, which has in turn increased the profit for ManoMano who in 2020 achieved over € 1.2 billion in business volume .
Has the business increased its offering or expanded categories / brands since joining ManoMano ?
Absolutely , with a wider customer base comes more demand . We already had an extensive range across our categories but since working with ManoMano , we have expanded our offering to
Diego Castro , Account Manager at Aosom
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