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Since launching on ManoMano five years ago , Aosom has gone from strength to strength as a result of the dedicated support , guidance and advanced technology provided by the marketplace . The e-tailer has seen sales increase by an impressive 289 % and the expansion of territorial growth , owing to the organic fit of Aosom ’ s product offering and the nature of the home improvement , DIY and garden marketplace ManoMano specialises in .

Established in 2009 , Aosom is a UK-based multi-channel e-commerce retailer offering a breadth of home , garden , pet and car accessories across six individual brands , with quality , innovative designs and affordability being the core values of the business .
Collaborating with ManoMano
Unlike other marketplaces , ManoMano specialises and is dedicated to home improvement , DIY and gardening , and Aosom recognised the technology and expertise the marketplace could offer in leveraging its visibility in the specialist market .
From the beginning of the partnership , Aosom ’ s dedicated ManoMano Account Manager has provided invaluable advice and guidance to support and empower business growth , sharing market insights and data to help inform key business decisions for the brand and identify opportunities for progression . During this growth period , ManoMano also delivered customer-facing service support , working closely with Aosom ’ s internal team to provide shoppers with expert product knowledge and an excellent customer experience .
Looking ahead : Aosom and ManoMano , a partnership with great potential
Aosom sells a range of home , garden , pet and car accessories across six individual brands . It has gone from strength to strength after launching on the marketplace , ManoMano , which has over four million products in six countries . Diego Castro , Account Manager at Aosom , explains more about the business and how the collaboration has helped the business grow .
ManoMano ’ s advanced technology , including its proprietary algorithms and digital marketing efforts , also help to optimise and provide greater visibility traffic to Aosom ’ s product offering . Confident in the increased scope to reach customers and drive sales through ManoMano , Aosom has expanded its product categories to include office , bathroom and furniture .
Looking ahead in 2021 , the e-tailer is working towards curating product collections exclusive to ManoMano to further grow its UK market share .
Diego Castro , Account Manager at Aosom , said : “ We crossed paths with ManoMano in March 2016 and have been successfully listing with the

Aosom sees business growth through ManoMano partnership

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