Intelligent CXO Issue 03 | Page 36

BUSINESS PROFILE include office , bathroom and furniture which is proving popular .
What facilities does ManoMano offer that other online sales channels do not ? In what way does it speed up your business ?
ManoMano is committed to providing and building very close relationships with sellers . Each seller has a dedicated person to support its business and we work very closely with our account manager to ensure our range , offering and price is working for us , them and most importantly , the customers .
Our account manager has provided invaluable advice and guidance to support and empower business growth , sharing market insights and data to help inform key business decisions for the brand and identify opportunities for progression .
They also have great deals on products which helps us to meet the demands and service levels and to help customers with their purchases .
How has ManoMano enabled you to take your product beyond country borders ?
We have seen the expansion of territorial growth and are excited to continue our journey .
What are the future challenges for e-commerce in the UK and how will the support from ManoMano benefit your sales operations ?
Some key challenges will be continuing to manage increased demand and increased competition and ManoMano offers a number of initiatives to help with both – by giving us the visibility on a growing platform and there is fulfilment support also available .
Another challenge is the ever-changing customer demand and behaviour – delivering excellent quality , great value , a seamless experience and fantastic customer service is more important than ever , and we need to ensure we are working hard to meet all of these expectations .
We ’ re working hand in hand with our customer services team to give our customers the best experience and knowledge on our products .
What are your development plans moving forwards and why ?
We are looking to increase our portfolio of products which should allow us to grow our market share with ManoMano .
What role did ManoMano ’ s Account Manager play in driving growth ?
The ManoMano Account Manager has played a valuable role in increasing sales , especially when it comes to launching a new product range and product offers . The team has also helped us to plan ahead for promotional events and sales .
Which aspects of ManoMano ’ s advanced technology have been the most important to scale up ?
ManoMano ’ s integration with the most trusted e-commerce solution software has allowed us to grow our business in a smooth and quick way .
ManoMano ’ s advanced technology , including its proprietary algorithms and digital marketing efforts , also help to optimise and provide greater visibility and traffic to our product offering . x
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