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CXO INSIGHT activities they ’ ll be interested in . We ’ re creating better workflows and emails and doing things we simply couldn ’ t do before .”
Boosting the sales team
HubSpot ’ s amalgamation , analysis and reporting on lead data has helped the marketing team collaborate more productively with sales .
The sales team is now more aware of marketing activities and sharing back information that drives high-converting content . Meanwhile , the marketing team can now align their campaigns with sales goals .
“ Having sales and marketing working in the same environment has been a game-changer . They can see what their leads are doing and ask us to send them a certain email or workflow . We ’ ve seen great results from that ,” Adams added .
That inter-team collaboration was made possible by a custom integration to Reed ’ s internal CRM .
Integrating Reed ’ s CRM enriched our marketing insights with data from existing customers ,” Adams said .
HubSpot empowers marketers
From onboarding through on-going learning , Adams said his team ’ s relationship with HubSpot has made them better marketers .
“ Onboarding was pretty seamless . With our onboarding manager , plus the learning and development resources within the platform , we were able to get up and running and make very quick wins ,” he said .
His team frequently comes to him with new campaign ideas they got from tutorials within the HubSpot knowledge base .
“ It keeps us thinking about where we ’ d like to be in a year ’ s time with the tools . We ’ ve got some exciting things coming up , and that ’ s because of the support we get from our account management and the wider Hubspot ecosystem ,” he added .
Seven-figure net income in one year
With hundreds of thousands of contact records in its proprietary CRM , true partnership between marketing and sales relied on a tight integration with HubSpot .
With the improved efficiency and insights it has derived from HubSpot , Reed attributed seven figures of income to its marketing efforts in just 12 months .
“ The integration with our CRM allowed us to get real-time customer data into Sales Hub , and vice versa . It let us pass leads on to sales instantly , and
“ Since last year , we ’ ve launched our new website and generated over 7,000 marketing qualified leads . Roughly 25 % of those leads converted to purchase , generating well over seven figures ’ worth of net income ,” Adams said .
Adams and his team can now execute more effective marketing activities with outstanding efficiency . Campaign set-up is now 96 % faster .
“ We can see that our efforts are working . About 24 % of our website visitors complete a contact form , and our B2B newsletter is growing by over 1,000 subscribers each month . We ’ re very happy ,” he said .
With seamless integration to its proprietary CRM , user-friendly workflows and cross-functional visibility , Reed is able to empower sales teams from 20 industry specialties spread out over 180 offices around the globe .
“ We ’ re co-ordinating efficiently across the entire Reed Group , and it ’ s all down to HubSpot ’ s powerful lead management process . It ’ s made a massive difference for us ,” Adams concluded . x
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