Intelligent CXO Issue 23 | Page 45

Adams said : “ It came down to HubSpot for a couple of reasons . One , their onboarding and account management support are second to none . Second , the platform is built around users . It ’ s very user-friendly and brings a full stack of marketing tools that none of the other providers could compete with .”
Reed purchased Marketing Hub , Sales Hub and Service Hub to align its teams and optimise its marketing operations .
Faster time-to-service
Adams said : “ Prior to getting HubSpot , we were using very basic tools , and our email marketing was not as slick or as smart as it could be . Now , we connect with our audience regularly via monthly newsletters , and we run smart workflows and trigger-based emails .”
With thought leadership workflows , it sends relevant automated emails to leads who engage with their content – whether that ’ s downloading the latest salary guide , signing up to a webinar or collecting any other gated content on their websites .
Upon implementation , Reed immediately started using HubSpot to engage prospects and leads more efficiently .
“ We started out using Marketing Hub for email campaigns to nurture our leadership audience and tracking leads coming in through the website and our paid advertising efforts ,” Adams explained .
With landing pages and contact forms capturing lead information , the marketing team was able to quickly pass qualified leads to the sales team , significantly reducing lag time .
Adams added : “ That piece has been transformative . We can now get leads to the right salespeople very quickly . In our industry , that ’ s extremely important . We find that a percentage of leads will send their requirements to a few recruitment companies , so being first to get back to them is key .”
Those quick and personalised responses are just one way that HubSpot helped Reed connect with its many different customer personas and improve their online experience .
“ We ’ re engaging prospects and customers in a lot of ways across the buyer journey , and seeing a great response to those added-value touchpoints ,” Adams added .
Data-driven optimisation
Being able to track lead generation and engagement across every digital channel has driven major wins for the marketing team .
One year after Reed started using HubSpot , it had more than 7,000 leads come through the website . The data has been used to optimise efforts in Pay-Per-Click ads and SEO .
Nurturing leads with workflows
Adams and his team are leveraging a large number of workflows that make their work faster and more effective . They went from manually emailing individual leads to sending automated sequences based on engagement .
The insights are helping Adams and his team focus their marketing efforts in the right areas .
Adams said : “ HubSpot has brought us beautiful insights . We can see what types of content a lead has downloaded , and either pass that information to sales or use it to plan more marketing


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