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Reed is a global recruitment company on a mission to improve lives through work . With over 1,800 employees and 100 offices in the UK , Europe , the USA , the Middle East and Asia , it connects job seekers and employers with the right partnerships for the next step in their journey .

Its teams provide a broad range of services , with programmes coordinated across 20 specialist sectors . Understandably , managing and routing lead information efficiently is crucial to Reed ’ s growth .
After scaling successfully for more than 60 years using manual systems , a new generation of employees recognised exciting possibilities to harness automated processes .
Marketing Director , UK and EMEA , James Adams had used HubSpot for marketing automation at other companies . He advocated for Reed to adopt a similar solution .
He said : “ It was an opportunity . I knew how powerful HubSpot could be for empowering the marketing team , helping us generate more leads and co-ordinate more effectively with sales . If we could bring in a tool like that , it would make a big difference .”
No visibility on lead data
Traditionally , Reed had used its website and other marketing channels to advertise phone numbers for its local offices . That meant customer service reps had to take down info from callers and pass it on manually to a relevant consultant .
The process resulted in a slow time-to-service delivery , and it meant that Adams and his colleagues had no data to guide their marketing efforts .
Adams said : “ We had limited visibility on inbound lead generation . We couldn ’ t track where leads were coming from and had no quick way to get leads into the hands of our salespeople . It was a major gap , and it limited the ROI we could get from marketing activities .”
Choosing HubSpot
The team at Reed recognised the benefits an automated marketing system would bring and began a search for the best tool . They considered three or four solutions .
James Adams , Marketing Director , UK and EMEA , Reed
“ We can now get leads to the right salespeople very quickly . In our industry , that ’ s extremely important .”
With over 100 global offices , Reed wanted to make its marketing automation more effective . It needed to generate more leads and co-ordinate more efficiently with the sales team . Marketing Director , UK and EMEA , Reed , James Adams , explains how the recruitment company chose HubSpot to help it harness email automation and workflows to optimise lead generation and sales alignment . It worked so well that in one year , the company has generated a sevenfigure revenue attributable to its marketing efforts .
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