Intelligent CXO Issue 23 | Page 39

INDUSTRY UNLOCKED rather than their own vehicles , it ’ s vital to ensuring that companies receive maximum return on their investments .
There are further benefits from this kind of data too . Developers and construction companies can more easily figure out where to put their next big real estate project , logistics companies can plan the most efficient routes for their drivers , along with various other benefits . Ultimately , the more they know about the opportunities in a specific city or market , the more willing organisations will be to invest and keep investing .
Beyond recovery , towards growth
It should be clear then that data , and transport data in particular , is crucial to securing the kinds of public and private investment that will take emerging market economies from recovery , towards sustained ( and sustainable ) growth .
In order for it to have that effect , however , it ’ s critical that this data is accurate and up-to-date at all times . The fact that cities can attract this kind of investment , while also improving the lives of their citizens , should make gathering and sharing the required data a no-brainer . x www . intelligentcxo . com