Intelligent CXO Issue 23 | Page 38

INDUSTRY UNLOCKED data from WhereIsMyTransport used by the Sarajevo Canton in Bosnia and Herzegovina in evaluations that helped them secure an infrastructure investment loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development ( EBRD ).
But public transport data can also be useful for attracting private sector investment . Retailers , for instance , can get a much better idea of where to locate their stores . In emerging market cities especially , it makes sense to have stores as close to transport hubs as possible . With most people relying on informal public transport ,
Devin de Vries , CEO , WhereIsMyTransport
Even if you can ’ t give a city ’ s inhabitants back all of the time they spend in traffic , half an hour on either end would allow commuters to study further , spend more quality time with their family and friends or even launch a side hustle .
In order to unlock that value , data is critical . After all , unless you know where pile-ups and traffic jams take place , you can ’ t begin to address them . That ’ s especially true in emerging market cities where public transport networks are often informal and don ’ t follow fixed routes . But the value of transport data goes much further than just making life easier for commuters .
Making business and investment easier
That ’ s true for governments and transport authorities : with the right data , they can map and plan new transport routes , tailored to each and every city . That , in turn , can drive investment . We ’ ve seen this first-hand , with
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