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Good customer service means consumers will return again and again . Just one bad experience can put customers off for life , and they end up telling others not to buy anything or do business with that particular company . Excellent customer service results in business growth , but there is no doubt that customers ’ expectations are high . They expect a seamless experience throughout the whole buying journey .

By 2040 , it ’ s predicted that nearly every shopping purchase made ( 95 %) will happen online , so now is definitely the time to make sure your online presence is the best it can be , from your own website to the various social platforms .
Over half ( 56 %) of Brits have switched from a favourite brand they were loyal to due to increased inflation and the cost of living crisis , while one in five shoppers ( 19 %) agree that they can ‘ no longer afford to be loyal ’. That ’ s according to the second annual Emarsys Customer Loyalty Index .
The research , which includes data from more than 2,000 UK shoppers , examines how different attributes – age , gender , geography , geopolitics and ethics – affect loyalty in an economic environment suffering from high inflation , fiscal uncertainty and unprecedented political instability . Of those surveyed , 64 % have changed their attitude towards loyalty over the last 12 months .
With this in mind , it is not a time for companies to be complacent . They cannot just rely on past custom and need to constantly strive to provide excellent customer service . AI is already playing a big part in this and will continue to do so . By using AI , companies can pinpoint what customers want from their brand and how to improve it .
On the front cover of this magazine , recruitment company , Reed , explained how they used HubSpot to engage customers . They went from manually emailing individual leads to sending automated sequences based on engagement . Those quick and personalised responses are just one way that HubSpot helped Reed connect with their many different customer personas and improve their online experience .
Find out how our three business leaders have provided excellent customer service .


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