Intelligent CXO Issue 19 | Page 67

BUSINESS INSIGHTS in quiet quitting can be attributed to managers not having the correct tools to listen successfully and understand what ' s happening inside their companies , especially when the team is working remotely . Erudit has the solution .
Quiet quitting is not new . The difference before was that people were physically present , so it was not quiet ; it was something that you noticed . People have always quit or stopped being motivated to work or were too burnt out to put any more effort at the office , but maybe being in the same room helped us notice . Where Erudit can help is bringing awareness to this issue and the true needs and motivations of employees , even when you ’ re working from home .
Why is the ‘ quiet quitting ’ approach disruptive to the company besides losing an employee ? How can Erudit help navigate this ?
It can be a huge pain point when people either quit or when they silently stop working and delivering on their responsibilities . However , this is also something companies can use positively , by learning from the experience . The goal for employees is to be happy , motivated , grow professionally and be in the right company . When an employee quits or ‘ quiet quits ’, companies can dig deeper on the reasons why , the motivations behind it , and then use this information to improve the work culture . The problem is that companies are not having these conversations and not getting this feedback . Plus , by the time they realise that an employee is unsatisfied , it is too late . This is an increasing trend that will arise as we transition into the remote world .
Many people are working from their homes in today ’ s digital economy . Quiet quitting is a good opportunity to put all the necessary tools on the table to unearth the reasons behind this phenomenon . A major obstacle for many managers is that they don ' t have the correct tools and once they are aware , it is often too late and proves too costly .
How can employees and business leaders oversee the wellbeing of their staff ? In previous years this has been done through surveys , but why is this no longer a proficient way of collecting wellbeing data ?
Surveys are outdated methods and can no longer be considered proficient
Alejandro Martinez , CEO and Co-founder at Erudit
ways of collecting data . For example , when you are posting a survey you are asking for language . Language is key to understanding people and it ' s what differentiates us from animals . Language is the basis of human culture .
Many tech companies are already working with Google , Microsoft or Slack . Companies are using two or more of www . intelligentcxo . com