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Symba revolutionises talent development with all-in-one platform

Fundamentally transforming workforce development , venturebacked and women-founded tech start-up Symba has introduced a visionary programme management solution that helps organisations streamline their talent development programmes , including internships , apprenticeships , mentorships and fellowships . Led by a diverse team of passionate female entrepreneurs , Symba provides a platform with a purpose – to open up the workforce with a focus on diversity , equity and inclusion .

" I was one of the first remote interns with the US Department of State in 2013 and it was a transformative experience that inspired a mission to level the playing field for millions of job seekers around the globe by removing entry barriers to the workforce and supporting programmes designed to close opportunity gaps for underserved populations ," said Ahva Sadeghi , Co-Founder and CEO of Symba . " Today , I could not be more thrilled to announce Symba has helped power more than 5,000 talent development experiences . Our platform supports businesses adapting to the future of talent development , while also mindfully investing in the next generation of labour force ."
In 2017 , Symba was introduced by Sadeghi as an action project to create equitable access to the workforce during her fellowship with the late Congressman John Lewis . Shortly thereafter , Co-Founder and CTO Nikita Gupta joined her to turn the burgeoning idea into a reality .
Symba has since served as the preferred partner for a variety of notable brands , including Robinhood , ViacomCBS and INROADS . From non-profits to tech companies , Symba ' s comprehensive solution simplifies the management of talent development programmes , scales their reach and allows employers to design best practices .
Utilising Symba , teams can easily onboard programme participants , manage projects , design training curriculums and foster community . By consolidating programme management tools , customers have reported spending 80 % less time on onboarding and 35 % less time on directly managing participants .
In addition , Symba collects key success metrics in real-time and builds dashboards to track the long-term impact of workforce development programmes .
At the crux of Symba ' s mission rests an affinity for creating access to and fostering inclusive talent development programmes . Programme participants are brought together by the ability to search for skills that promote project collaboration and take part in meaningful discussions . Just 90 % of organisations using Symba have increased programme satisfaction and customers have reported up to a 20 % increase in intern-to-full-time hire conversion rates .
" We are proud to claim that 80 % of Symba ' s customers have been able to scale their workforce development programmes , creating more opportunities for anyone , anywhere ," said Gupta . x
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