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Why banks should consider investing in digital customer engagement services

Every industry has had to respond to increased demand for positive customer experiences and banking is no different . Here , Mathias Holzinger , GM TeamViewer Austria , outlines how the banking sector has adapted to this increased need for strong customer service , as well as the key elements required of a digital engagement platform .


Why is customer experience so important for organisations today ?
Customer experience is vital for organisations as it helps retain existing customers and attract new ones looking to move their business elsewhere . In addition , a good customer experience turns a customer into a fan , spreading the message about your business and recommending you to others . According to research , customers are willing to pay a premium for a great customer experience and convenience .
How has the banking sector adapted to this increased need for strong customer service ?
The second scenario involves ad hoc online consultations , which refer a prospect , who is interested in a product , to a website to conduct a quick consultation to find the right one .
The third scenario includes a scheduled online consultation with video calls for personal checkin ; these are more consultation related . However , these are not as accessible as one may think . The whole banking sector is amid a transition towards Digital Transformation and more conservative markets are slowly catching up .
Can you talk us through a few highlights of your 2021 Customer Banking Survey ?
Mathias Holzinger , GM TeamViewer Austria
Banks worldwide are currently reducing the number of branches . In Europe , a quarter of the 165,000 bank branches that presently exist will be closed in the next three years – which is around 40,000 branches .
Banks are a traditional or conservative industry that must adapt and introduce strong customer service capability . Other industries are already showcasing what they can achieve digitally and this is where banks need to adapt .
In banking , we see three different scenarios of customer service . The first one includes customers asking for an ad hoc service , such as blocking their credit card , wherein a call centre is active and supports the conversation .
In 2021 we conducted a banking survey wherein we questioned and surveyed 2,500 people across the DACH region across all age groups . This region tends to be more traditional and less digital . One of the relevant findings from our survey indicated that customers still want to do the more complex banking tasks such as taking a loan or signing for a house-building project in-person at the branch . However , the dynamic of bank branch closures is hitting the desire customers have for banks .
What can banks do to create the same secure , trustful online experience similar to what they provided in the branch ? This area has a lot of potential . Another finding highlighted the importance of customer service for the perception of customers in relation to loyalty .
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