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Businesses are finding themselves in the unviable position of having to deal with rampant cyberthreats while they push their Digital Transformation strategies forward and continue to navigate the remote workforce environment . Improving cyber-resilience can be a daunting task especially for organisations that have resource constraints due to the pandemic . Having visibility of technology ecosystems , from the perspective of attackers , is essential . Rami El Malak , CEO and Co-founder of spiderSilk , the region ’ s first cybersecurity product company specialising in attack surface management and threat detection , tells Intelligent CXO why organisations of all sizes and cybersecurity maturity need to address this , as well as why the Middle East is a strategic growth region for the company .


Challenges and threats for SMEs
More businesses are digital today than ever before . As a result of that , digital footprints keep increasing , which means that there are significantly more entry points and vulnerabilities for cybercriminals to exploit . It ’ s no surprise then that we hear of new breaches with every news cycle .
We ’ ve seen a fivefold rise in the number of security incidents and breaches in 2020 and US $ 1 trillion was lost to cybercrime during that same year .
There are other trends that have exacerbated this issue . Cyberattacks used to be sophisticated and in the realm of nation states and cybercrime syndicates . But not anymore . They ’ ve been democratised so pretty much anyone with a
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