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DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION IS THE BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY OF OUR GENERATION . NOTHING WORKS WITHOUT DIGITALISATION ANYMORE AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND MACHINE LEARNING MAKE OUR LIVES MUCH EASIER . digitalisation anymore and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning make our lives much easier . In our environment , AIOps ( Artificial Intelligence Operations ) is the megatrend for us . We work on constant improvement to provide our users with solutions to questions which still haven ’ t been asked . Helping our customers with cloud transformation is another major investment .
If you could go back and change one career decision , what would it be ?
Definitely to take more risks in the early stages of my career . Directly after my studies , I was hesitant to take personal risks in decisions but rather opted for the secure path in making my living . In other words , I would have potentially founded a start-up and have crossed the river onto the entrepreneurial shore much earlier .
What advice would you offer somebody aspiring to obtain a C-level position in your industry ?
A growth mindset combined with proactive , almost aggressive , lifetime learning is one of the key factors to me . In addition , I always aim to be authentic and resilient . I don ’ t know anyone not having failed in his or her career , the question is how to deal with it . I believe you need to embrace a ‘ now more than ever ’ attitude .
What behaviour or personality trait do you most attribute your success to , and why ?
I regard myself as a permanent student . As mentioned before , lifetime learning is my key to success and I ’ m now reading 12 books per year , which I ’ d like to extend to 15 . . .
Another important aspect is our personal view of reality , which every individual has got the right to without being questioned by anyone else . ‘ Perception is reality ’ – it ’ s only about different points of view . One solution to viable consent is not to fight against each other trying to convince your partner but inviting him or her to the dancefloor to find the right direction . This means an individual is guiding to one song and another leads the other by creating a flow resulting in a satisfactory balance . It works only when truly listening to each other . Emotions are always welcome as energy or emotion , not being used in a fight , but in a dance .
What ’ s your go-to productivity trick ?
My week starts on Sundays when I plan it in a virtual Kanban board in ASANA . This enables me to begin Mondays with my tasks . Almost my whole life exists in ASANA – this is ideal for me . In addition , I work with a widescreen display . This helps me to cluster what I have to do almost simultaneously .
What changes to your job role have you seen in the last year and how do you see these developing in the next 12 months ?
During the past 12 months ‘ leading from the front ’ was absolutely necessary , which isn ’ t my idea of leadership . Now we have changed again to ‘ leading from the back ’ as we need to scale by challenging our organisation and questioning things to constantly improve .
What can we do in order to achieve 10x growth ? By focusing on innovation and internationalisation . We must be innovative like a start-up but deliver like an enterprise . With our new investor , we ’ ll force growth in the US , the Middle East and Eastern Europe . Therefore , my role , as mentioned in the beginning , is to ensure we have the right people on board to support us .
Apart from these changes , we did build a new executive committee in order to result in a highperformance organisation . Seeds will need to be planted in order to double our organisation size within the next four years , but also mainly to achieve the talent density needed . x
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