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Aqua Pod , a sustainable multipurpose floating mobile development designed by Aquatic Architects Design Studio ( AADS ) and developed by Innovative Marine Ventures ( IMV ), has announced two innovative global world-firsts concepts .

The Aqua Pod AP EX1 model , the first fully sustained mobile floating lounge designed to serve the hospitality and entertainment industry , and the first-ever consumer marine e-commerce application created digitally to integrate the Aqua Pods at sea along with the abundant marine experiences and services of Dubai .
While the newly released ‘ Aqua Pod ’ application offers an all-new smart seafaring environment , it is designed to digitally integrate the Aqua Pods and digitise an all-new consumer marine offering by providing its users with access to a world of marine retailers , aquatic sports and services and leisure and entertainment , amplifying their excursions and enabling real-time bookings and orders to tailor-made experiences .
( RO ) unit , a water purification system that desalinates up to 100 litres ( L ) of sea water daily , without disposing the brine back into the sea .
Ahmed Youssef , Co-Founder and CEO , AADS and IMV , and the creator of Aqua Pod , said : “ It is our belief that urban floating developments , if intelligently revolutionised , will accelerate and transform the marine industry into a key pillar of economic diversification . AP EX1 model is a customer-centric culmination of the relentless efforts of our thriving young team , R & D and market knowledge .”
Intricately designed to amplify its visitors ’ experience , guests can indulge in an unparalleled sophisticated journey aboard AP EX1 . It combines the indoors and outdoors proposition with an everchanging magnificent backdrop of Dubai ’ s landmarks across the canal in a unique setting of a floating mobile private lounge for a handful of guests . Seagoers and selected offshore locations along the canal can also benefit from float through and deliveries .
All AADS creations , Aqua Pods and larger scale models , are adaptable and unique and are embedded with smart construction adaptations to serve as multi-use , multi-spatial , multi-functional and multienvironment assets . Ahmad Ataya , Co-Founder , AADS and IMV , added : “ Conceived to enable Smart Seafaring in Dubai , the ‘ Aqua Pod ’ mobile application is the world ’ s first e-commerce marine consumer platform and comes in line with the country ’ s Digital Transformation efforts and Smart Cities strategies . It complements our efforts to digitally enable our Aqua Pods as well as establishing a holistic online marketplace of marine retail , leisure , entertainment , sports and services and facilitates the personalisation of the customer ’ s marine activities and needs .” x
Aqua Pod ’ s AP EX1 comes in line with UAE Vision 2021 and contributes to several initiatives and strategies set by the leadership . As the country focuses on improving the quality of air , preserving water resources , increasing the contribution of clean energy and implementing green growth plans , AP EX1 ’ s versatile design presents a holistic approach to sustainability and commercial marine integration .
Fully solar powered reducing greenhouse emissions , AP EX1 ’ s technical ingenuity , secures fresh water for use on the pod itself through its built-in Reverse Osmosis
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