Intelligent CXO Issue 07 | Page 32

FEATURE crucial here . We all want to see people like us doing something that we aspire to . Every time a woman launches a new business , other women feel empowered to do so . That makes it even more of a risk worth taking .
Diversity in the boardroom
It ’ s vital that we achieve more diversity in boardrooms . This is broader than just a gender issue , of course , but women are still underrepresented in numerous industries .
This is ludicrous . The products and services being offered by many of these companies are directed at society as a whole – but society isn ’ t solely represented by middle-aged , heterosexual , white men . Why ask a room full of dogs what a cat wants ?
A mix of personalities within the boardroom is simply better for business . Character traits such as humility , communication , empathy , empowerment and motivation are also proven to improve the bottom line . Guess what ? That ’ s where we excel as women !
Rather than emulating our male counterparts , we should be embracing our differences and the benefits they bring . Let ’ s ask ourselves , what ’ s the best that could happen – not the opposite . It ’ s on us to silence that niggling voice of selfdoubt by accepting and celebrating the value of what we bring to the table . x
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