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In today ’ s offices , the demand for digital workspaces and managing them is higher than ever . Matrix42 meets the needs of employers by deploying and managing workplaces through a holistic , integrated and automated solution . Oliver Bendig , CEO and Chief Culture Officer at Matrix42 , talks to Intelligent CXO about the business , major areas of investment in his industry and future growth for Matrix42 .
Describe your current job role
As the leader of a Germany-based , international operating software company , one of my main goals is to attract , retain and develop the right
people . I aim at living our company culture and as such being a role model for our employees . Hence my role is in building and continuously improving a great team as well as an effective organisational structure to embrace the companies ’ culture .
On the other hand , together with the leadership team , we define and execute strategic company priorities to ensure growth , financing and profitability , according to our business plan . We implemented a Value Creation Programme in order to constantly improve our work system for higher scalability . Building and growing relationships with our key customers , partners and strategic alliance partners is also an important part of my role . weekly basis , makes me proud and proves that our open communications strategy paid off .
What style of management philosophy do you employ with your current position ?
I ’ m a WHY person , which means I am very purposedriven – in knowing why you ’ re doing your job , the how and what comes naturally . As digital work is currently highly complex and insecure , our goal is to improve not only the user experience in daily work but also the manageability of IT workplaces in organisations by making it more secure and easy to handle . By taking on our vision , every single employee knows what he or she is contributing to .
Another important thing to me is leadership by example , which means that I ’ m willing to help with any kind of support , if necessary . My job is different to yours , not better .
What would you describe as your most memorable achievement ?
I ’ m the proudest of our team . When reflecting over the past years I get goosebumps , not only because we doubled the number of ‘ Matricians ’ during the past four years , but mainly because of the valuable people we were able to attract . Navigating the company through the past challenging months with the COVID-19 crisis is definitely my second most memorable achievement . The highly positive ranking in our employee polls , which we conducted almost on a
Moreover trust , respect and integrity are my core values . Sometimes I give feedback to trust people too much in the beginning . In my opinion , this isn ’ t a risk , as my philosophy is that by giving trust , you receive trust . In fact , this behaviour predominated by far the few times I got disappointed .
What do you currently identify as the major areas of investment in your industry ?
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