Intelligent CXO Issue 07 | Page 46

How do you manage constant growth and the ability to scale in line with increased consumer demands ? improving our customer experience . We do that in many ways , looking at the journeys with our retailers and how we can make them better .
You are constantly trying to up the capabilities of your organisation . So , it ’ s about how you add that kind of people capability , which is partly , how do you bring your talent through in your organisation or even recruit young talent in the early stages .
Years ago , we were able to attract bigger and better talents and that creates momentum and enables your business to keep on going . I think capability from a people point of view is huge to keep on managing growth .
I think the other thing is around investment choices , so you must try to look ahead a little bit and see you know where the opportunities are . How do you look ahead , how do you plan for that , how do you create the right kind of operational organisational design to cope with that growth ?
I ask myself these questions every single day , around the capabilities , and luckily now I ’ ve got some good people around me that help this business go from strength to strength .
Customer experience is a top priority for many businesses today . How important is the delivery of a positive customer experience for your organisation and how do you enable this ?
This is super important . We are an extension to retailer brands , so we are constantly busy with
We make our products , UX , better , simpler and easier so that we ’ re constantly busy with an agenda as well as looking at new products with new features . For example , we ’ ve just launched package list returns so you can just walk in , without a package or label , and we will do everything else , and this has been a huge success . It ’ s these types of improvements in our customer experience that we work on .
We ’ re very busy with how we shift our rewards towards customer experience and even get some direct dialogue going between consumers and people that deliver parcels . Ultimately , 99.5 % of people go to work to do a great job . What I ’ m making sure of is that they know what a great job looks like via direct interaction with the consumer .
Looking ahead , what do the next few years have in store for Hermes UK and how do you plan to grow the brand ?
E-commerce is an exciting opportunity for us so that goes much wider than logistics for delivery , it ’ s figuring out how we enable brands that want to sell online , in the UK or internationally . We have great capability to service these markets or these products . So , we will keep on pushing that and become that e-commerce enabler people can turn to if they want their ideas and goods delivered . x
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