Intelligent CXO Issue 07 | Page 43

FEATURE is about fundamentally transforming business processes and the way people work and continuously regenerate themselves .
The analysis of the correlation between the score of an organisation ’ s ‘ digital muscles ’ and ability to mount an effective response to the pandemic demonstrates that organisations with better development of these critical capabilities responded more effectively to the unprecedented changes posed by COVID-19 .
3 . Priorities in the postpandemic world .
Resilience is perceived as the top business priority in the post-pandemic world . The survey results indicate that many organisations have understood the importance of a flexible response in the face of changes in an uncertain world . Many respondents also noted the importance of business process automation , data-driven management and a seamless customer experience where online merges with offline .
Many business leaders expect more business processes to become automated . The survey revealed that 44 % of respondents from offline organisations predicted that more than half of their current business processes that were not yet automated would be automated by 2025 . This result is truly significant , demonstrating business leader ’ s strong appetite for automating their business . of F2F engagement would increase because premium services that cannot be offered online will become more exclusive . A total of 49 % of respondents from offline organisations had the same opinion , exceeding the number of respondents who thought the value of F2F engagement would decline .
In last year ’ s survey , it was already apparent that most business leaders had recognised the importance of delivering value to society .
The pandemic reinforced this trend . In this year ’ s survey , 78 % of respondents from offline organisations said they thought the importance of delivering value to society had increased as a result of the pandemic .
Fujitsu defines its purpose as making the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation . The findings of this survey will help Fujitsu to continue to serve as a trusted DX partner , simultaneously helping customers to succeed in business and to provide even greater value to society .
Organisations will have to embrace new priorities to cope with a radically different business environment in the post-pandemic world . x
The survey also found that 82 % of offline organisations plan to increase investments in business process automation . This enthusiasm for automation is similarly observed across industries , ranging from 86 % in the finance industry to 79 % in wholesale / retail .
However , expectations vary by industry . For instance , manufacturing companies are automating not only their manufacturing and testing processes but also other functions like demand forecasting , supply chain management and maintenance services through Digital Transformation .
In banking operations of the financial industry , more face-to-face services offered in branch are being replaced with fully digital mobile banking . In fact , the survey also found that the premium value of Face to Face ( F2F ) experiences must be revisited , redefining the role and meaning of offline physical channels becoming a necessity .
The survey found 64 % of respondents from online organisations thought that the value
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