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completely offline or partially online experienced decreased revenue .
It was found that 69 % of business leaders from online organisations indicated their business revenues increased in 2020 over the previous year . In contrast , 53 % of offline organisations saw a drop in revenues . However , 33 % of offline organisations increased their revenues despite this turmoil .
Though the impact to revenue was significant for many , 78 % of business leaders from offline organisations said that they were able to effectively respond to the pandemic . The three main factors contributing to their effective pandemic responses included agility , digitalisation and employee well-being .
Among business leaders of offline organisations , 49 % said agility helped them respond to the pandemic effectively .
Next , 42 % credited digitalisation stating that they were already prepared in responding to the pandemic . As the pandemic forced many businesses to move their operations online , organisations that were ahead in their Digital Transformation were able to continue operations more smoothly .
Then , 40 % chose making employee well-being their first priority . This indicates greater importance of placing the upmost priority on the health of employees and helping them work safely during the turmoil of the pandemic . Additionally , the survey found 87 % of respondents from offline organisations thought that employee well-being had become more important or significantly more important during the pandemic . The majority further responding that the well-being of employees would make a big impact on the midto-long-term business performance .
2 . Organisations with stronger ‘ digital muscles ’ also responded more effectively to the impacts of COVID-19 the pandemic , as well as their perceptions around business priorities in the post-pandemic world .
1 . How organisations responded to the pandemic
While many online organisations that provide products and services purely online saw revenue increase during the pandemic , half of offline organisations that provide products and services
The results of Fujitsu ’ s previous global surveys have consistently indicated that leadership , value from data , a culture of agility , ecosystems , empowered people and business integration are the organisational capabilities that lead to success in Digital Transformation . Fujitsu refers to these six factors as ‘ digital muscles .’
Digital Transformation is not just about introducing new digital technologies into operations , but it
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