Intelligent CXO Issue 07 | Page 39

Giving employees a greater voice in organisations through staff surveys , unions / employee reps can help employers identify and tackle the sources of stress as well as allow employees to have a say in decisions which impact them . It is important not to lose sight of what worked during lockdown to improve resilience and to continue to create opportunities for social connectedness alongside business as usual .
The role of the line manager has never been more important . Increasing management confidence and competence to manage staff is essential , particularly in a hybrid working environment .
Managers need to be approachable , available and encourage team members to talk if they are having problems ; to agree individual communication preferences and keep in regular contact with the team to check how they are coping . Also , key is the ability to spot the signs when someone is struggling and have sensitive , open and honest conversations .
Presenteeism ( working when unwell and working outside of contracted hours or using annual leave to work or when ill ) are easier traps to fall into now and managers and employers need to be aware .
Staff need to be encouraged to take time to look after their own mental and physical health to avoid burnout .
Digital well-being , scheduling breaks away from the screen , setting boundaries around work / home are increasingly important .
It ’ s also important for staff to make use of internal resources e . g ., ask for support from a colleague or managers if feeling under more pressure than usual , or via mental health first aiders or an employee assistance programme .
So , with a renewed focus on workplace mental health and a shared responsibility for its promotion , ask yourself what could you do to support mental health and well-being in your workplace ? x www . intelligentcxo . com