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Tell us a bit more about your business and how it started
Glasswall is a UK-based file security company that keeps businesses moving with proactive and instant file protection . Our leading Content Disarm and Reconstruction ( CDR ) technology cleans and rebuilds files to match their ‘ known good ’ industry spec – automatically removing potential threats . This simple approach ensures every document entering an organisation is safe , helping prevent future unknown or ‘ Zero Day ’ attacks .
Prior to gaining solid traction in the commercial space , Glasswall ’ s technology has been adopted widely by the intelligence and defence community . Glasswall has grown to become a global leader in CDR technology , launching a new suite of cloud-hosted products just last year .
How has the business grown since it started and how did you ensure growth ?
Glasswall ’ s technology has been tested rigorously and successfully by specialised intelligence agencies . Following this success , Glasswall has partnered with leading defence contractors including Forcepoint and BAE Systems .
In 2019 , Michael Spencer , former ICAP and NEX group founder , invested in Glasswall through his fund , IPGL , and subsequently became the company ’ s chairman . Over the last two years , Glasswall has attracted world-class talent to its leadership team and become a global leader in CDR technology .
In 2020 , Glasswall launched a new suite of cloud-hosted products and completed a successful £ 18 million equity capital raise to fund further expansion . We will continue to focus on the defence and intelligence space , building on our success to date . We will however have an equal amount of focus on the commercial sector , especially through relationships with channel partners . Adoption of CDR technology in sectors including financial services , healthcare and media , to name a few , is growing strongly and we are well-positioned to be a key player driving this growth .
While modern technology is advancing rapidly , so are cyberthreats and the damage they cause to the digital ecosystem . Glasswall , a UK-based company , delivers protection against these sophisticated threats , using its unique file-cleansing technology . Glasswall ’ s CEO , Danny Lopez , talks to Intelligent CXO . tech about his extensive business experience , his approach to management and the clientele Glasswall serves .
What ’ s the business ’ approach to management ?
Glasswall ’ s leadership team have a shared passion for helping to protect businesses against the most advanced file-based threats . It is crucial that we all have this drive and motivation and are working towards the same goal .
At Glasswall , we also encourage our leaders and employees alike to practice mindfulness . By cultivating focus and clarity , a mindful leader is able to bring prime creativity and compassion to the workplace . This ensures the best business results as well as building strong relationships with co-workers .

Cleansing the digital ecosystem

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