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Reboot successfully implements the four-day week

An Icelandic study proving that a four-day week was not only viable , but actually beneficial in terms of productivity as well as mental health , has been heralded as an ‘ overwhelming success ’.

Productivity will be assessed through the number of high and medium level metrics such as creative output , employee wellbeing , absence and client performance results .
This inspired digital marketing agency , Reboot Digital PR , to take the leap and offer all employees at its creative agency the chance to work a four-day week after a 702 % increase in results and output across the entire company over the last year .
Anonymous employee surveys will be carried out at several opportunities , as well as quarterly feedback surveys for a more general overview .
Working hours will remain the same – employees do not work more hours Monday to Thursday , salaries will not change , holidays and sick leave are not impacted , flexible working options remain in place and success will be monitored .
Shai Aharony , MD , Reboot Digital PR , said the move will drastically benefit employees ’ health and wellbeing while enhancing overall productivity . He added : “ While a four-day week is not viable for some businesses , we ’ re fortunate to work in a creative and forward-thinking industry and I believe other agencies will also follow this concept , as we ’ re very much used to adapting quickly , ensuring accommodating this change was an easy one .”
Reboot aims to measure employee performance week on week , utilising inhouse KPIs . Four-day trial results will be compared to results from January 2021 until the trial ends .

Latin American executives willing to resume business trips

recent Wakefield study , sponsored by

A SAP Concur , reveals practically all Latin American business travellers are willing to return to international routes in the next 12 months . The study found that 99 % of participants responded positively to the possibility of resuming travel . Even 77 % said they were ‘ very willing ’, well above the 65 % world average .

“ In a still uncertain world , the existence of solutions such as SAP Concur , which allow flexible management of reservations with all travel providers and obtain realtime alerts on social , political or health problems , among other benefits , become key allies to fulfill this desire of business travellers to return to the state on the road ,” said Albana Llaneza , Regional Account Manager , SAP Concur .
The main concerns expressed in the survey about not being able to resume the pace of travel prior to the pandemic are focused on making less money ( 45 %), stopping the evolution of their professional career ( 41 %) and having difficulties developing and maintaining networking ( 39 %).
Asked for their goals beyond business matters , business travellers in the region admitted that they wanted to travel to experience new places ( 67 % verses 52 % globally ) and make personal connections with clients and colleagues ( 66 %), in addition to taking a break from their everyday life ( 48 %).
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