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Welcome to the latest edition of Intelligent CXO . On the front cover of this month ’ s magazine , we feature Isil Berkan ; Marketing Director , Middle East , Africa & Turkey at Pearson , a worldwide education company , which has around 18,000 employees across the globe . It serves more than 160 million users in nearly 200 countries with digital content , assessments , qualifications and data . Berkan discusses how powerful data is in the education sector , as it means the learning landscape can be increasingly tailored to the individual ’ s pace and style .

Berkan continues to discuss how personalised education ensures that each learner receives the right level of challenge and support , maximising their learning potential . Education service providers can fine-tune their offerings in real-time , driving user engagement and satisfaction . She added : “ The core of successful learning experiences is this very engagement , powered by data that equips educators to create learning paths that are not just effective but also deeply satisfying .” Turn to page 44 to find out more .
once the sale has gone through , businesses can not only leave a good impression but encourage repeat purchases . Agop Ashjian , CEO at Shipup , discusses post-purchase campaigns and what can be done by retailers .
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Our Editor ’ s Question this month asks four experts how they encourage their team to work well together , especially in a world of hybrid working . Turn to page 20 for top tips and advice .
Our feature on page 28 focuses on AI in the workplace . AI isn ’ t replacing the majority of jobs because it isn ’ t as cost effective yet , according to an MIT study . But can we anticipate that changing in the future ? AI / technology expert and author , Gerry Szatvanyi , discusses why he thinks AI won ’ t make jobs obsolete , but rather reinvent human skills leading to cost efficiency and higher profits .
And our feature on page 41 focuses on key marketing strategies . One area where companies could invest in to improve sales is post-purchase campaigns . By keeping in touch with the buyer
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