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Welcome to the latest edition of Intelligent CXO . On the front cover of this month ’ s magazine , we feature Jed Ayres , Chief Executive Officer of ControlUp , a digital experience software firm which works in the VDI , DaaS and SaaS monitoring space . Ayres has had an interesting career path which included taking a four-year sabbatical away from the IT industry to run a hotel / restaurant in his hometown of Mendocino on the northern coast of California . He tells us more about this change and also how he first got into the technology industry – a mixture of being planned and a bit of an accident , as is so often the way .

property agent and property surveyor , offered their tips on page 70 on how to create an office environment that minimises staff stress and burnout .
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Ayres was made CEO of ControlUp last year and he spoke about his management philosophy . He also delved deeper into the technological trends he saw last year and the current changes he is noticing . Turn to page 44 to find out more .
Rebecca Miles Managing Editor
Our Editor ’ s Question this month asks four experts what the biggest challenge is for Digital Transformation projects currently . Digital Transformation is not an easy process and there is a lot to think about when taking on a project . Turn to page 20 for top tips and advice .
Switching to an employee-owned model can help make businesses more profitable , competitive and sustainable while sharing the benefits of success with the people who helped to make it happen . That ’ s the message from Jo Ritzema , Managing Director of WCF , a leading UK part employee-owned company , after research revealed that the number of businesses in which employees had a stake had grown by 37 % in 12 months . She tells us more about the benefits of an employee-owned business model . Turn to page 28 to read more .
With more people returning to the office , sometimes reluctantly , it ’ s important to make the office environment as welcoming and as comfortable as possible . Experts at Savoy Stewart , a commercial
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