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Welcome to the latest edition of Intelligent CXO . On the front cover of this month ’ s magazine , we feature Sheryl Hoskins , CEO at Litera , who speaks about how important it is for public figures to serve as role models for young women aspiring to get to the top of the legal field .

At Litera , diversity is celebrated and embraced across its teams . However , like all companies , the company acknowledges the need to do more . Hoskins explains how Litera plans to do this and how diversity is very important to herself and the Litera team . She also talks about her career and how she started out as an active-duty officer in the US Army , which she said was more male-dominated than maybe any other industry she has worked in since . Hoskins went on to talk about the importance of mentorship . Turn to page 44 to find out more .
Out Editor ’ s Question this month asks businesspeople what their biggest failure was and how it helped them in their career . ‘ Failure ’ isn ’ t always what it seems , and it can often lead you on a positive journey . It wasn ’ t an easy one to get responses to , so thank you to the brave people who took the time to respond and talk openly . Turn to page 20 .
cultivate robust employee engagement ? Meredith Carson , Founder & CEO at Growth Ensemble , discusses how the power dynamics between employers and employees have changed and what can be done to engage employees in the ever-changing world of work . Turn to page 41 .
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The Business Profile this month focuses on The Adaptavist Group , which is a family of leading technology companies and innovation experts who are focused on making businesses collaborate and work better . It has seen strong growth in key markets such as Germany , the UK and North America , both within and outside the Atlassian ecosystem , with close to 23,000 customers worldwide in more than 160 countries . The Adaptavist Group headcount is now 1,000 with 40 % based in the UK . Samsoor Hemat , CRO , The Adaptavist Group , tells us more about the business and its vision , starting on page 34 .
In a climate marked by internal stakeholder scepticism and widespread socio-economic uncertainty , how can companies
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