Intelligent CXO Issue 31 | Page 3

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Welcome to the latest edition of Intelligent CXO . On the front cover of this month ’ s magazine , we feature Wael Abdulal , Collaboration Sales Lead for Service Providers MEA at Cisco . He discusses how the company ’ s Software-as-a- Service offers many services in one solution and helps hotels reduce operational costs . The service has been launched in the Middle East and Africa , the first-of-its-kind in the region , which is experiencing a huge boom in the demand for hotels .

Abdulal explains how the SaaS helps the hospitality industry deal with seasonal recruitment as customers only need to pay for what they use . Hotels can focus on selling their services , which in the hotel business is selling more rooms and more food and beverages . Cisco relieves them from IT complexities . Abdulal also expands on the benefits of using a cloud service and how it can streamline operations . Turn to page 44 to find out more .
at digital BSS provider , Mobilise , explores the sunk cost fallacy in relation to Digital Transformation .
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This month ’ s Editor ’ s Question , which starts on page 20 , looks at how companies can genuinely reduce their CO 2 emissions . Consumers are becoming savvy to greenwashing and want companies to genuinely tackle climate change . Four experts offer their advice on this important topic .
In our Tech Trends section , Barrie Green , Regional Vice President of UKI and Middle East at Appian , discusses the key to understanding and implementing process automation . He explains some key issues and challenges that can be addressed with process automation and tells us how Appian is helping organisations to address these challenges through its platform .
It ’ s often quoted that 70 % of all Digital Transformations fail . But what about those organisations that know they are heading down the path to failure , but are reluctant to turn back due to the time and effort they ’ ve put in and an inability to recognise their shortcomings ? On page 28 , Sam Dunscombe , Head of Growth
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