Intelligent CXO Issue 03 | Page 13




1 . Mobility Creates New Challenges
Today , there probably aren ’ t many larger enterprises without their share of staff using “ smart ” devices such as smartphones or tablets . Originally , however , these smart devices were designed for the consumer market .
This poses a whole new set of challenges for the administrator in the mobile enterprise , especially when it comes to orchestrating IT Service Management ( ITSM ) and Enterprise Mobility Management ( EMM ).
The systems administrator needs a far-reaching integration of his ITSM and EMM solutions so as to be able to provide mobile end users with IT services as fast and as easily as possible .
This whitepaper explains how an administrator can enable providers to deliver mobile devices directly to end users while simultaneously taking the devices under management , so that end users can be productive as swiftly as possible ; and it discusses how this is even possible with the end users ‘ personal devices ( BYOD ), and how this facilitates work continuity even after losing one ‘ s device .
2 . New IT Requirements Due to Smart Devices
Smartphones and tablets are great inventions – yet they create significant problems for the IT administrator . Today , even compared to only ten years ago , he has to deal with fundamentally different kinds of end user device , and of end users .
And these customers have completely new – and greater – requirements when it comes to support from the service desk . x
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