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You cannot escape talk of the hot topic of the moment – AI . It ’ s on many media organisations ’ news agendas and understandably , it has created a lot of debate and interest . Rob McGreevy , Chief Product Officer at AVEVA , who features on the front cover , believes that in the world of business , we are only just scratching the surface in terms of how AI will be incorporated into the day-to-day running of companies . He spoke to Intelligent CXO about how AI is transforming decision-making processes .

with a company . Rachel Wells , Founder and CEO of Rachel Wells Coaching , a company dedicated to unlocking career and leadership potential for Gen Z and millennial professionals , explains how senior leaders can incorporate coaching into their organisational culture . Turn to page 66 .
He also explores the impact of the huge amounts of data which many companies are now dealing with . Their main challenge is how to manage that data and make sense of it all , and he explains how AVEVA can help these businesses deal with the ‘ tsunami of industrial data ’.
Not only that , but McGreevy talks about customer challenges , disruption in supply chains and what the future looks like for AVEVA . Turn to page 44 to find out more .
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The cost of a cybersecurity breach is at an all-time high , so my Editor ’ s Question this month asked four businesspeople how they have improved their cybersecurity in the last 12 months . Turn to page 20 for their top tips .
Our Business Strategy section focuses on the importance of speaking skills . It is an area which is often overlooked at state schools , but one which is incredibly important in the world of work . Lynne Fernquest , Chief Executive , Bath Rugby Foundation , outlines her thoughts on the importance of improving communication for younger people from all backgrounds .
Our Business Insights section focuses on coaching in leadership and management . Coaching often works as a best practice for leaders in team development and enabling high performance . It can help employees realise their full potential and want to stay
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