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Likee , one of the most popular short video platforms in the Middle East and North Africa ( MENA ) region , presents the most popular content types that users can leverage to engage their fans more effectively . With millions of people turning to Likee every day to be entertained , keep up with the latest trends and also learn , short video creators who seek to stand out need to choose the content type that works best for them and sprinkle it with character and originality . Likee ' s immediacy , its ‘ power of now ’, can convert even the simplest idea into viral material , reaching thousands of people across the world .

Before you grab your smartphone to start shooting your next short video , check out the following content types that , when executed properly , can result in success .
Sport content and nationalities together and sharing a meal is one of the most popular ways to spend quality time with family and friends . Consequently , it is not surprising that food dominates video platforms such as Likee . Of course , you don ' t have to be a chef to create a fantastic food video . Simply browse for several recipes , whether for breakfast , dinner or desserts , select the ones that suit your tastes and execute them to perfection . Given the fast pace of modern life , recipes that require just a few commonly available ingredients and can be quickly prepared will almost certainly catch the attention of users .
Gaming videos
With such a large gaming community , you can ’ t go wrong by creating gaming-related short videos for Likee . Avid gamers among us can share their most remarkable achievements in popular games , whether on mobiles , consoles or PCs , to gain recognition and connect with other gamers all around the world . Of course , you should keep in mind that the most hilarious gameplay moments have the potential to become just as popular .
Videos based on trending sounds and hashtags
If none of the options above appeal to you , or if you prefer not to commit to a specific type of content , all you have to do is launch the Likee app on your smartphone , go to the Discovery page and check out the trending hashtags and sounds . There is a steady stream of new trends and challenges on Likee , and if you are among the first users to participate , this will definitely drive additional fans to your profile . x
Sports have a unique ability to evoke strong emotions in fans , from the thrill of victory to the agony of defeat . By creating content that taps into these emotions , content creators can create a deep and lasting connection with their audience . As sports are all about action , you need to ensure that your videos are visually exciting and showcase the best moments of the game . You can try using creative camera angles , slow-motion and other techniques to make your content stand out . As the world of sports continues to evolve , creating compelling content on short form video platforms is expected to be a key driver of success .
Delicious food videos
Who doesn ’ t love good food ? Food can easily bring people of various cultures
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