Intelligent CXO Issue 25 | Page 41


Travel agents could become the go-to for holiday seekers . They have all the tools to offer a customised experience for travellers but they need to market themselves as a one-stop-shop . Jen Catto , Chief Marketing Officer , Travelport explains how their research shows that customers say getting what they want is more important than price . With this in mind , she explains how travel agencies can add meaningful value to consumers ’ experiences while using modern retail solutions to streamline the shopping process .

The Internet has changed everything , and digital innovation has transformed the traditional retailing experience . Consumers today are spoilt for choice with great shopping options . A shopper can compare products , check availability and order items all within a matter of minutes and without leaving their house . Shopping has become a fast and efficient process , but unfortunately , travel retailing hasn ’ t .

In an increasingly inter-connected world powered by technological advances , it ’ s high time for travel to ‘ get modern ’. But where does the industry start ? To become modern , travel retailers must understand modern . Travellers don ’ t want a fully automated travel retailing process . In fact , our recent study ( entitled What consumers want ) revealed that most people aged between 18 – 41 ( 83 %) want human-led support – and this includes the digital natives that make up Gen Y and Gen Z . Consumers want offers tailored to their interests and needs , with on-hand support from travel agents to supply the best deal . Ultimately , travellers want an enjoyable , stress-free and convenient retail experience .
A modern digital experience should aim to simplify the process for all involved , from suppliers to travel agents through to travellers – championing travel agents along the way . If we can improve the whole journey by ‘ getting modern ’, everyone wins .


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