Intelligent CXO Issue 25 | Page 39

INDUSTRY UNLOCKED developers and digital-first creative minds that society is calling out for .”
The report said that Gen Z and Alpha are excited by the opportunities they see within the Metaverse for the future of the classroom . Among those aware of it , four in five children are interested in seeing the Metaverse being applied for educational purposes , with two-thirds believing it will make education more fun . Over half ( 57 %) feel that it will allow them to learn more effectively , due to interactive and experiential learning environments .
The report said that there is a strong need for both public and private institutions to focus on ensuring every teacher and child has access to all the training they need to get the best out of ever-advancing technologies . By supplementing in-classroom learning with VR , and daytime teaching with additional afternoon support , children will be fully empowered to embrace the world of tomorrow .
Forty-four percent of children imagine the classroom of 2050 will be improved by AI , because it enables them to learn at their own pace . However , the majority of children do not believe that offline learning methods and human teachers will disappear entirely , showing the importance children continue to put in establishing personal relationships . Still , more than one-third ( 39 %) agree that most teaching will be done using interactive digital content and one-third ( 33 %) do foresee avatar teachers conducting lessons in virtual reality classrooms . x www . intelligentcxo . com