Intelligent CXO Issue 25 | Page 22


The majority of businesses outsource services to some extent , some just through supplier relationships , others by embracing true delivery partnerships .

A modern outsourcing partner brings with it a network of partnerships with other technology businesses that they can leverage to support the business ’ s needs .
There are many advantages to outsourcing of services including cost savings , round the clock operations , together with access to non-core skills and talent , but whatever the scope , the key success criteria is an effective partnership .
A bad pairing risks disrupting the delivery of quality and efficient services to end-users and could be a drain on resources if not implemented in the right way , or by the right people , but get it right and the sum is greater than the parts .
Cultural alignment is key
Finding the right partner in an outsourcer can be a challenge , but when it works , it really works . Carrying out research , having conversations with outsourcers can be a great way to not only get to know a potential outsourcer , but can ensure they also get to know you , your business needs and culture . Finding the right cultural fit is crucial to ensuring long-term success between the business and the partner .
Working with the right outsourcer will also mean gaining access to a partner that is backed by a track record of quality delivery in your and other sectors . The network of proven partners is therefore expanded exponentially .
The cost consideration
Many businesses are feeling the effects of economic downturn and rising inflation in the UK . Not only this , but in the realm of customer experience ( CX ), it is increasingly a challenge to run a sophisticated and responsive operation designed for the expectations of modern consumers .
The increasingly competitive marketplace means loyalty is increasingly dictated by service quality and reviews of this service .
Outsourcing customer service functions can be a way to cut down on costs and enhance the customer experience and free up the organisation ' s skill to concentrate on core activities .
In the long-term , the working relationship and alignment of vision brings greater benefits than cost saving alone .
Industry expertise and experience
For smaller businesses , outsourcing can often be an effective option for delivering modern front-line functions to end-users , without the investment in infrastructure , putting them on the same foot as larger organisations .
The right outsourcer is a true partner and operates as an integral part of the business , bringing insight and skills at a breadth and scale not available to the organisation alone . They offer a consultative approach that supports the client business to deliver the best outcome and experience . It does this by being expert in its delivery of effective business services complementing the sector expertise of the client .


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