Intelligent CXO Issue 25 | Page 17

TECH TRENDS train employees , customers and other endusers to never open attachments or links from untrusted sources . Organisations should also regularly filter mail content and implement a Zero Trust security posture .
ThreatLocker ' s Allowlisting solution helps to secure systems by blocking the execution of all unapproved software including ransomware . The solution prevents ransomware from blocking access to a computer system or freezing PCs .
When ThreatLocker organised a live demonstration on what happens when ransomware runs in a Zero Trust environment , Zachary Kinder , President of Net-Tech Consulting , recalled having clients that became victims of ransomware .
Kinder testified that working with the team ‘ was a light bulb moment ’ in protecting over 1,000 endpoints for his clients , helping him ‘ sleep better at night .’
Digital Transformation has fundamentally changed the way modern businesses innovate and operate . Every day , new security solutions and deployment guides to expedite Zero Trust adoption are redefining the rules of IT security for the modern Internet-driven , cloud-first businesses .
The continued evolution in the cybersecurity landscape is a clear indication that businesses need to develop a holistic approach to securing data and systems .
The solution , therefore , lies in finding security partners that will equip and proactively defend organisations against countless cyberthreats – IT professionals who can build Zero Trust security solutions with a unified approach to protecting users , devices and networks from cyberthreats and have a goal to put organisations in complete control . x www . intelligentcxo . com