Intelligent CXO Issue 23 | Page 63

OverviewFX is an educational trading company with an active client portfolio of more than 500 students in different parts of the world . Ruggero Catalano Rossi Danielli , Co-founder of OverviewFX and a Bloomberg certified and top worldwide trader , tells us more about how he founded his business at the age of 16 and his advice to others looking to climb the corporate ladder .


Describe your current job role
I am a full-time forex trader , entrepreneur and real estate investor . In 2016 I started trading as I was interested in the market , fluctuations and figures .
Trading very quickly became my passion so a few years later , I founded my company , OverviewFX , to share my passion with others and help everyone reach their goals . I also keep a close eye on real estate to expand on my property portfolio .
What would you describe as your most memorable achievement ?
Founding my business at the age of 16 , while I was still in high school and making my first € 10,000 in a month soon after , forming part of the 1 % of people who have the highest monthly earnings in Italy .
What do you currently identify as the major areas of investment in your industry ?
As an operating forex firm , we are well versed with all the biases and challenges that surround our roles and industry professionals . Over the years , the word ‘ forex ’ has started to scare many people due to the continuous scams and false advertisements online selling people a ‘ dream ’ without the necessary tools to help them achieve it . The most significant investment in our trading industry is investing time and resources on personal knowledge to become an excellent
What style of management philosophy do you employ with your current position ?
I have always tried and I am still trying to create not only more roles to provide more people with jobs , but also an environment where people can trust each other , create memories , reach their actual goals and be celebrated by a group of people who are on the same path for success . When people are happy at their place of work , it shines through in everything they do . Since people and their skills are the foundation to any successful business , it is really important that our team feels comfortable and happy where they spend the majority of their time .
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