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BUSINESS PROFILE with a natural curiosity and who want to grow and learn . We offer multiple programmes , senior exec level training and regular ‘ know-how ’ sessions across the business to ensure that new technology and strategic initiatives are being understood at each level of Webhelp .
How do you work with other executives within the C-suite to make sure your voice is heard ?
consume media . I moved around within Google , championing leading-edge innovation , overseeing the DoubleClick acquisition and integration , sponsoring the Digital News initiative , and then leading the development of the Google Cloud division across most of Europe .
When I turned 50 , I looked back on my achievements , and thought about what my next big challenge should be . That ’ s when Webhelp and CEO , Olivier Duha , got in touch . I was impressed with its mission and culture and the entrepreneurial spirit at the heart of the business . I ’ ve been able to bring the best of what I ’ ve learnt in my career to a fresh area of innovation – the customer and their experience of a brand or business .
How do you equip your staff with skills and knowledge ?
The level of skill and knowledge at Webhelp is already amazingly high – so the opportunity is there to focus strategically on emerging tech and what more we can do for clients . We attract and recruit talent from top schools and universities , but it ’ s still important to focus on on-going skill development . Beyond that , we also seek people
The challenge at C-suite level can often be getting the right balance between speaking too much or too little . My senior roles have enabled me to understand intrinsically that it ’ s often about empowering others to excel . No one at Webhelp has an overwhelming desire to grow their own siloed empire . We have open and natural conversations at the highest level in our Global Management Committee . One driver for our success is that the vast majority of Webhelp ’ s leadership have shares in the company – not given to them , they ’ ve actively invested in our success .
That said , constant communication between divisions is pivotal to ensuring we create leading CX solutions for clients , where the CMO knows who is likely to be needing our help and how to frame our skills to the marketplace , and the CTO can work to develop the complex systems needed to deliver .
How do you ensure different teams in your organisation work together ?
On top of specific client work , each year we identify what we call WIGs , wildly important goals . These are collaboratively developed specific objectives on top of our normal KPIs . They lead to the development of new crossfunctional teams to create even more value for the company . For example , we currently have a WIG exploring how to attract more top-quality talent and help employees build long-lasting careers within Webhelp .
It entails a cross-pollination of operations , HR and even finance , all working together . We place great importance on these WIGs to keep us above-and-beyond usual operational needs . x
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