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Snowplow Analytics expert on AI Bill of Rights proposition

Since the release to the public of the White House AI Bill of Rights blueprint , people globally have reflected and questioned the proposition . An expansion from Biden ’ s vision , the blueprint – made public in October 2022 – identified five principles that intends to guide the design , use and deployment of automated systems . We speak to Rob Strechay , Vice President of Product at Snowplow Analytics , about the foundations , that have the potential to either enhance or constrict the US technology industry in the coming years .


How will the Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights proposed by the White House affect AI developers ?
It is important to understand that the AI Bill of Rights is a policy document or blueprint , not a binding piece of legislation . Rather , it is a set of principles to which organisations can voluntarily comply with . So today , the Bill of Rights is unlikely to change the day-to-day work of developers . It is a necessary conversation starter on the topic of AI and ethics .
In addition to the many benefits of AI and the advances the technology has made , there are also stories of trained models discriminating against groups of people , unintended biases in algorithms denying credit based on
Rob Strechay , Vice President of Product at Snowplow Analytics
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