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CXO INSIGHT this was going to happen . On the one hand , of course , we are a big company , and this means our Business Continuity plan ( BCP ) was in place for many years . When we started , there was political tension . When we saw the political tension had started to intensify in the summer of 2021 , we updated our Business Continuity plans . And in February of this year , we were quite well prepared .
I was awoken by a phone call at about 5am saying , ‘ OK , there are explosions in multiple cities in Ukraine ,’ and I said , ‘ OK , we need to start execution of the BCP ’. And four hours later , so at 9am , the first buses with our colleagues and friends and family members had already started to leave central , eastern , southern parts of Ukraine with people being evacuated to western parts of Ukraine and also abroad . Overall , we have relocated more than 1,400 colleagues and family members . Four hundred of them were evacuated outside of Ukraine , mostly the women and kids . Men could not leave the country . growing 70 % in revenue is not something that you would expect in time of war .
How are you supporting staff in the country ?
We are supporting our colleagues in different ways . One of them is as I mentioned , relocation within Ukraine and outside of Ukraine . We organise everything , we organise buses , we organise hosting , we organise accommodation of people when they move from one region to another . And we also support them with money – just to help with the financial resources needed to relocate . And we also put quite a lot of focus on the mental health of our colleagues with different mental health programmes , so that people are not only physically safe , but also that they are mentally safe .
Looking at the first weeks of the full-scale war , I ' m very surprised to see how well we performed . After four days of evacuation , 85 % of our people continued to work . Even in this moment when we were moving hundreds and thousands of people from one region to another region . And then two weeks after the war had started , we were at 98 % so almost 100 % of people were able to work . This surprised not only me , but also our clients . Our clients could not believe that in the state of war , business can continue .
Looking now at these nine months , another unbelievable fact is that this year , there has been 70 % growth and at least 50 % of this is organic growth . We continue adding clients , we continue growing on existing clients , we acquired another software company during this year in Poland , in Ukraine , in UK . Despite the fact that there is war in Ukraine , the resilience of IT business is still very high . Intellias is very clear proof of that . I think
We now have Russian attacks on civil infrastructure and energy infrastructure of Ukraine , so we also respond to this . We purchased additional equipment like powerbanks , power generation units and Starlink hardware so that they can have uninterrupted energy supplies and internet connectivity . It ' s in addition to what we do in our offices . All of our offices are equipped with independent power generation units and four or five connections to different internet providers so there was always power and always internet connectivity in our offices .
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