Intelligent CXO Issue 21 | Page 72

Gary Roth , Director of Business Value Engineering at Contentsquare
build real conversations with them , by building communities , by not just hearing customer feedback but acting on it , maintaining connections even if you ’ re selling through third parties and creating personal ( not personalised ) experiences .”
CX success will be a shared responsibility across the business
Falko Mortiboys , VP Fan Experience at DICE , believes that the experience brands provide will become as important as their products and services . Consumers want brands to anticipate their unique needs and expectations , demonstrate empathy and deliver a personalised experience while remaining uncomplicated and enjoyable to use . Mortiboys said : “ The centrepiece of customer experience needs to be the relationship a company can create with their users .”
Therefore , companies need to understand the consumer holistically . Using a broad range of skillsets and methodologies , they need to go beyond monitoring what users do and also look at what they think and how they feel . The ability to understand the behavioural , attitudinal and emotional side of customer experience will evolve CX to a company-wide mandate with shared responsibilities across the business in order to foster strong and lasting relationships with consumers . x
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