Intelligent CXO Issue 21 | Page 63



Miigle + is an AI-driven browser extension that allows you to browse the world ' s largest collection of sustainable and ethical brands . Luc Berlin , Founder and CEO of Miigle +, tells us more about his current job role and how he hopes he is a role model and a source of inspiration to people of minority background considering a career in or founding a tech company .


Describe your current job role .
I am the Founder and CEO of Miigle +, a social impact technology with the mission to turn consumerism into ‘ cause-sumerism ’ by making it easier for the world to shop sustainably with the help of Artificial Intelligence . My primary responsibilities are to drive the execution of all our corporate objectives and product development while ensuring that they remain
aligned with our vision as a company , to work very closely with our team in setting the standard for our culture , something I enjoy greatly , and at last but not least , be a thought leader on the subject of sustainability and educate consumers , partners and investors on how incredibly important it is for us to develop this market segment as quickly as possible . The future of our planet and humanity depends on it .
What would you describe as your most memorable achievement ?
As an entrepreneur , I ’ d have to say my most memorable achievement has been to bring the idea of Miigle + to life , despite all the challenges I ’ ve faced , particularly as a Black founder in tech , given how little representation there is in this industry . Being a role model and hopefully a source of inspiration to people of minority background considering a career in or founding a tech company matters greatly to me .
What style of management philosophy do you employ with your current position ?
I ’ m an avid fan and follower of progressive management philosophies centred on respect , accountability , empowerment , diversity , inclusion and growth . I fundamentally and wholeheartedly believe that the culture and environment in which people work have a great impact on their productivity and health . I am against notions such as ‘ managing by fear ’ or ‘ top-down management ’ and instead prefer positive reinforcement , giving a voice to every employee regardless of their title and leading by example .
Finally , I believe the skills we leverage at work can be shaped by different experiences , including those that seemingly have nothing to do with our day-to-day tasks . Therefore , I always encourage employees to pursue other interests outside of work including ‘ side-hustles ’.
What do you currently identify as the major areas of investment in your industry ?
It is my opinion that the entire sustainability space needs more investment , but particularly the consumer tech sector . Nine in 10 consumers say they want to consume more sustainably but don ’ t know how or it ’ s not convenient .
Consequently , we see a big gap between the intent of consumers and their action due to this lack of convenience . I believe this is an area of great opportunity because consumers can play a crucial role in incentivising or rewarding brands that adopt sustainability or social impact as a core part of their business . AI and Machine Learning , which is an area of focus for us , can address the convenience problem consumers are experiencing and help drive faster adoption across the sector .
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