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Research commissioned by Epson with regional decision-makers has shown that nearly two-thirds ( 58 %) of UAE corporate respondents want to reduce energy costs and 72 % say they ’ re concerned about the energy use of printers given the increases in energy costs .

The survey of more than 5,650 technology users and influencers from 33 countries showed that interviewees understand the role inkjet printers play . More than half ( 56 %) of the UAE respondents say inkjet printers will help them meet their cost reduction goals while more than two-thirds ( 69 %) say they want a better understanding of energy savings that could be made by changing the type of printers in use . is therefore limited in how far its suitability improvements can go .
“ Our printing business will instead focus 100 % on piezo Heat-Free inkjet , leveraging our propriety technology to deliver efficient , sustainable print solutions for our partners and end-users . Having sustainable solutions that meet the needs of our customers in the Middle East region is key , enabling many industries such as healthcare , education and the public sector to flourish ,” Ozsoy added .
With 87 % of UAE respondents saying it ’ s important to undertake a review of how to reduce energy costs across their organisation , Jason McMillan , Sales Director , Epson Middle East , said : “ In the context of spiralling energy costs , it ’ s vital that organisations take advantage of every opportunity to reduce expenditure . Organisations need to move faster in adopting energy-efficient technology . A single printer might not save much money , but a fleet of business printers could deliver significantly with a shift to inkjet from laser .
“ It ’ s not just the printers ’ cost that can be reduced . Cutting energy use in this way will also dramatically reduce the volume of CO 2 emissions produced , helping to address concerns around sustainability .” x
The research insights come at a time when Epson globally has announced it will end its sale and distribution of laser printers by 2025 , citing the technology ’ s limited ability to make meaningful advances in sustainability . The news comes a year after Epson announced its € 770 million investment into sustainable innovation and coincides with the launch of its new range of business inkjet printers .
Suat Ozsoy , Business Unit Director , Epson CISMETA , said : “ The decision to leave the laser market has been inevitable ; in fact , we have already begun this transition in the MENA region . As a company , we ’ ve committed to sustainable innovation and action and laser printers don ’ t fit within that . They consume an average of 90 % more energy than inkjets and use more consumable parts . This is simply the result of how the technology works – by heating and fusing toner to a page . This technology
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