Intelligent CXO Issue 21 | Page 25


Enhancing workplace insight with Erudit ’ s AI

Alejandro Martínez Agenjo , Cofounder and CEO of Erudit , explains how Artificial Intelligence can create actionable insights that improve the workplace culture and enhance employee experiences .

The main benefit of Artificial Intelligence is in automating tedious tasks , allowing us to focus on what matters . In the case of HR , that ' s improving the employee experience , work culture and preventing turnover . But can AI help us better understand human sentiment , drivers and behaviours ? How about saving HR teams from the headache of designing , conducting and analysing surveys ? Or is that too much to ask ? According to Alejandro Martínez Agenjo , Cofounder and CEO of Erudit , going survey-free is finally within reach .

“ Surveys are outdated methods and can no longer be considered proficient ways of collecting data . We believe our approach is more efficient , more effective , more inclusive and less biased ,” said Agenjo . www . intelligentcxo . com