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Distributed partners with Freelance Movement to champion tech freelancers ’ rights

Distributed , one of Europe ' s leading private talent clouds for skilled tech freelancers , has partnered with Freelance Movement to further support freelancers ' working rights .

Distributed has built a global community of freelance talent that allows enterprise organisations to deploy skilled workers into their core technology product lines , which Distributed calls this its Elastic Teams .
Through its proprietary platform , Distributed recruits into the Elastic Team from across the globe and works with freelancers to prevent and address the problems they face daily . provide rewarding freelance software careers with more benefits than permanent employment .
“ Joining Freelance Movement gives Distributed the opportunity to champion freelancer rights alongside an organisation that fulfils its purpose through active lobbying on policy issues ; engaging with politicians , business leaders and influencers , as well as building alliances with opinion-formers , decision-makers and stakeholders globally .”
Whether finding work , concern over regular payment , seeking support from a like-minded community , easing the administrative burden or career development , Distributed exists to alleviate these pressures on the self-employed .
Callum Adamson , Co-founder and CEO of Distributed , said : “ Businesses are facing a severe digital skills shortage and so freelancers are critical to the successful delivery of tech-enabled products and services , yet their employment rights in the UK and across Europe are poor to say the least . Distributed ’ s mission is to

68 % of UK marketers are embracing hybrid working to deliver creativity

More than two thirds ( 68 %) of UK marketers are embracing a hybrid approach to work to support their teams in the creation of new ideas having overcome the challenges of the past two years . That ’ s according to research from Optimizely , which concluded that creativity is critical in driving strong customer experiences .

The Marketer Experience study , based on a global survey of in-house marketing professionals – including 200 in the UK – explores attitudes and approaches to creativity . It reveals that 85 % of UK marketers say as long as communication is effective , creative ideation will happen no matter where teams are .
A hybrid working environment also supports the ways in which UK workers find their creative inspiration , with 43 % drawing on interpersonal communications with peers and / or colleagues ; 41 % from social media such as TikTok , Instagram and Twitter ; and 40 % through internet research . More than one-third ( 37 %) also find inspiration from attending events , either in-person or virtual .
“ Creativity plays a crucial role in developing effective marketing campaigns and outstanding customer experiences ,” said Kirsten Allegri Williams , CMO at Optimizely .
“ With hybrid working now a reality for the majority of UK marketing teams , senior marketers need to embrace the technologies and strategies that enable them to capture and nurture creative ideas , streamline production and optimize for results .”
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