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Heyday by Hootsuite ensures smooth CX with social media integrations for Shopify

Heyday by Hootsuite , a leading conversational AI platform , has announced it has integrated Instagram Direct Messages and Facebook Messenger within its powerful e-commerce Shopify chatbot app , creating new opportunities for merchants to connect with their customers .

“ This announcement enables businesses to bridge this gap by meeting customers where they are at : Instagram and Facebook Messenger . This will be a game-changer in helping brands build stronger relationships with their customers , by leveraging automation in a cost-effective way .
Social media has evolved as a key driver for e-commerce , with three-quarters ( 75 %) of Internet users ages 16 – 64 using social networks to find brands , services or products , according to the July update of Hootsuite ’ s Digital 2022 statshot . In this digital-first climate , consumers are demanding more from the businesses they interact with online – seeking to directly engage with brands and receive real-time customer service via social messaging .
This integration will help take merchants ’ business to the next level by providing access to powerful conversational AI features across Instagram Direct Messages and Facebook Messenger , ensuring chats are operating 24 / 7 year-round , to both sell products and answer FAQs in real-time , any time of day .
“ Businesses are under pressure to deliver exceptional experiences that meet consumers ’ demands for real-time , authentic communication ,” said Steve Desjarlais , Co-Founder and VP of Conversational AI at Heyday by Hootsuite .
“ Shopify research has shown that customers are close to 70 % more likely to make a purchase from a business that responds to their chat inquiry within a few minutes ,” added Ellen Dunne , Senior Product Lead for Messaging at Shopify .
“ This immediacy , combined with having insight-driven conversations with customers , have proven to be key drivers of more e-commerce conversions for Shopify merchants . We know that customers who initiate a chat are extremely high-intent and merchants can capitalise on that to make the first sale and start building a lasting customer relationship .”
As more Shopify merchants scramble to compete for the attention of digital-first buyers , offering immediate and personalised experiences on the social media channels they frequent is critical to staying competitive . The chat app , originally launched in November 2020 , also integrates with web chat and email – centralising every single direct message in one unified inbox .
The use of automation to guide customers towards their first purchase has had a favourable impact on e-commerce sales for Heyday customers , such as Montreal-based Rose Buddha . After implementing Heyday for Shopify in 2021 , the company has seen a 95 % customer satisfaction rating amongst their consumers while shopping online .
“ Having Heyday integrate with Instagram and Facebook Messenger means that we can gain a full picture of all our customer questions that need answering ,” said Jennifer Pellettier , Director of Operations at Rose Buddha . “ It means providing a better service to our customer and it will be a great add-on for our business .” x
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