Intelligent CXO Issue 19 | Page 27

BUSINESS STRATEGY wording , length , symbol use ) in relation to inbox performance and engagement .
Test your own subject lines and offers based on these competitive insights . Don ’ t forget strategic pre-header text , too !
8 . What other senders ’ audiences overlap with yours direct financial impact , including demonstrable lifts in inbox rates , open , click and conversion rates and average order value . Companies that have and use robust email competitive intelligence can improve email revenue as much as three times . Think about the possible impact of those multiples if you monetise your email and don ’ t use competitive intelligence . x
This reveals which other emailers are competing with you for attention in your subscribers ’ inboxes – and for product sales . The best of them will get better engagement . It also provides a profile of your email subscribers interests .
Calibrate your mailings to match ( or beat !) the quality and sophistication of competitive mailers . Leverage overlaps for new audience acquisition and engagement , as well as possible strategic partnerships .
These are powerful ways you can put competitive intelligence to work for you . Insights and actions supported by robust competitive intelligence have
John Landsman , Manager of Research and Analytics , SparkPost , a Messagebird company www . intelligentcxo . com