Intelligent CXO Issue 19 | Page 25


The power of competitive email intelligence

Email marketing is a hard skill to get right . John Landsman , Manager of Research and Analytics , SparkPost , a Messagebird company , talks to us about how competitive intelligence can make email marketing much easier .

Since the beginning of commerce , organisations have needed and sought out information about their competitors . Decades before any kind of digital marketing , competitors were buying and deconstructing one another ’ s products , collecting and analysing their print and broadcast advertising , subscribing to their direct mail , shopping in their stores and polling their customers .

If understanding your customers is a central tenet of marketing management , then so is understanding your competitors . Within legal and ethical boundaries , this is a wholly legitimate endeavour – and vital to competitive success .
The whole point of the process is to identify competitive successes , gaps , opportunities and www . intelligentcxo . com