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CXO INSIGHT knowledge to shape our future vision and the transformation we are collectively driving .
Serving as a leader is about supporting the individual ’ s performance , goals and aspirations . In that way , you ’ re serving who they want to be or what they want to achieve .
hugely important work . Together , we are leading a transformation of epic proportions and we need to realise that our individual journeys and successes are truly interdependent .
What is your leadership advice for other members of the C-suite ?
Why is today a great time to work in technology ?
In Cisco ' s words , the ‘ Bridge to Possible ’ represents the company ' s commitment to connect people , places , ideas and things across its secure network . And we do that through using technology .
Soon everything that can be digitised will be digitised . With the emergence of smarter devices , Quantum Computing , AI and datafication , there is no escaping that many of the innovations in technology happening right now are helping to transform businesses and society . Technology powers everything and changes the way we work , live , play and learn .
It ’ s clear that the talented people working in technology today are as important as the stonecutters and carpenters envisioning cathedrals back in the Middle Ages . Extraordinary skills are needed to build and secure the next wave of innovation and growth .
We want every day to be a great day at Cisco and that starts with our employees ’ experiences . We have incredible people doing
Sponsorship is essential to creating rich and diverse teams . Having a pipeline of diversity is very important for me as I believe diverse teams are the best teams .
A few years ago , Cisco introduced ‘ The Multiplier Effect ’, which asks leaders to take a pledge to sponsor at least one extraordinary , diverse candidate in their business section and challenge their peers to do the same . We started this movement based on the desire to promote diversity in the tech industry .
Regardless of how senior a person is , you should never hold back if you have questions . Knock on people ' s doors and ask for advice and insights . Even really senior people are flattered , and in the worst case , they say they don ’ t have the time . Some doors will open , and some will close – just be hungry and persistent .
In the face of economic and social uncertainty , it ’ s our responsibility to protect and advocate for people . If we want to see continued economic growth and highly-skilled workforces , we must create an environment where people feel they are supported and can thrive . x
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