Intelligent CXO Issue 17 | Page 45

CXO INSIGHT across business , products and through the entire life cycle .
Given the size of our company , this is a huge undertaking . We provide our customers with a self-serve service that is simple and convenient so that they can realise the value of the technologies they purchased and make the renewal process as simple as possible . Partners – typically IT channel distributors – are a vital part of the experience too . charity-focused activities . For example , the company encourages all of us to help those less fortunate , by giving us 10 ‘ give back days ’ for doing voluntary work , in addition to annual leave .
We have a real-time data exchange platform , Lifecycle Advantage , which allows Cisco and our partners to digitally engage with customers in a hyper-personal way . This ‘ scaling engine ’ helps us uncover new opportunities to connect with customers , and , crucially , maximise recurring revenue . Digital gives companies the tools and capabilities to evolve and remain competitive in the market , relevant to customers and a trusted differentiator . It also helps companies to grow in strength , agility and being proactive to face any adversities the future might hold .
I often refer back to this quote from J . B . Wood , CEO of the Technology Services Industry Association ( TSIA ): “ The number one determinant of market share in any industry will be digital customers ’ experience .”
What ’ s the business ’ approach to management ?
How do you equip your staff with skills and knowledge ?
At Cisco , we believe our edge comes from our people . All ‘ Cisconians ’ globally enjoy a company culture that champions inclusion , empowerment and innovation . Together we are progressing with purposeful work and making a global impact .
It ’ s a place of pure creativity where employees are valued and appreciated for bringing their true selves to work . There is a high level of authentic support from leadership , along with the plethora of developmental programs and community and
Happiness contributes to the bigger picture and mission we are all in service of .
People in my team value the fact they will learn and grow , not stagnate . Their talents are appreciated every single day and it ’ s down to me to demonstrate that . I take pride in facilitating the training and development they need to fulfil their ambitions . My team is encouraged to learn from others within Cisco and to also take an active part in understanding market and analysts ’ predictions . This equips them with the necessary


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