Intelligent CXO Issue 17 | Page 38

audience shops are key to ensuring money isn ’ t wasted marketing in the wrong places .
Data can be a powerful tool to drive understanding around which channels can deliver the best ROI , allowing retailers to develop a social commerce strategy that works .
The power of personalisation
Once audiences have been found , targeting them with personalised content is key .
In a world where millions of new pieces of content are available to social media users every day , companies need to capture consumer interest – and fast . Personalisation ensures brands remain relevant to target audiences , which is an effective way to stand out against competitors .
AI tools that analyse advert performance and optimise campaigns for improved product discovery have helped businesses achieve this .
Using advanced AI that can learn quickly , match ads more effectively and build improved audiences for retargeting , companies can attract customers more easily than ever before .
Creativity is king
With millions of pieces of content being created every day , capturing and maintaining an audience ’ s attention on social media requires a lot of work and creativity . A successful social commerce strategy relies on boosting audience engagement . Social media started as a platform for connection and conversation , not for spamming audiences with sales content .
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