Intelligent CXO Issue 17 | Page 30

IT RECRUITERS NEED NOT DESPAIR WHEN LOOKING FOR NEW TALENT AS THEY CAN DRAW ON CANDIDATES OUTSIDE OF THE TRADITIONAL IT FIELD . alerts . A simple click by the employee could trigger a forced update , stopping the issue in its tracks before it could get started and save the IT team hours of productivity .
In order to do this , companies need deep insight into the digital workplace by gaining visibility into real-time analytics and the digital employee experience ( DEX ).
By adopting technology which tracks the ways in which employees interact with tools and applications , connect with colleagues and access resources , teams can cluster employees into groups based on their day-to-day activities and technical requirements , rather than their job titles .
This empowers IT teams to deploy campaigns based on specific needs , rather than assuming a standardised environment of the same needs for everyone .
Experience is king
This evolution is working in conjunction with another major shift in the way IT teams operate . Recently released research from Nexthink ( IT in the Evolving Workplace ) found that 93 % of UK IT leaders see their role as promoting collaboration and productivity as ‘ architects of flow ’ rather than solely operating equipment .
This follows research earlier in the year ( Digital Sabotage and The Great Resignation ) which found that poor IT experience was the third most popular reason for employee burnout or turnover .
This marks a tidal shift in IT and digital experience finally being recognised as crucial to
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